For Further Discussion: Education and Programming

Eyes Wide Open is a valuable film to serve as a catalyst for any kind of Israel-related programming, whether at a Jewish film festival, community center, synagogue, school or other setting. We strongly encourage you to build a program around a screening of Eyes Wide Open, utilizing the film as a springboard for discussion about your own community's feelings towards Israel.

Keeping our eyes wide open

Please feel free to download our educational materials to use with your screening.

If you would like to run a facilitated discussion yourself, please download our educational guide and print it out for easy use.

We also highly recommend a combination of "screen + eat", inviting the audience for a meal straight after the screening. We have created specially-designed placemats for you to place on the tables these placemats will guide the informal conversations about the film, while people eat. Depending on your printing facilities, you can either download the all-black version, or download the ink-lite whiter version!

For a fuller explanation of the two approaches, see our on-line guide.

Educational material developed by Makom - the Israel Engagement Network

Some leading questions emerging from the film:

My relationship with Israel: The word "dedicated" is used to describe one participant's relationship to Israel. How do you think this differs from "interested" or "concerned"? What word would you use to define your own relationship to Israel?
Wrestling and Hugging: Some participants are very critical of Israel's actions, yet are surprised by how much they also love it. To what extent do you identify with this seeming contradiction? Do you find it easier to explain your critique of Israel than your love for it?
"I've begun to question the need for a strong army": Does the use of force strike you as 'un-Jewish'? Remembering Joshua, Samson, and King David, do you think that the Israeli army represents a return to a Jewish way of life? Or does it represent a rupture from the Jewish experience?
"When people on the tour bus say 'our ancestors came to this spot,' our ancestors - I don't know about that": To what extent do you identify with this? Does your being Jewish have an ethnic component; or is your Judaism more a matter of faith and practice? Do you feel an ancestral link to this land?
Educational material developed by Makom - the Israel Engagement Network

If you have any questions about utilizing Eyes Wide Open in the context of a community event please contact:
Makom Israel Engagement Network.

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